Plank Owner Certificate

Plank Owner Certificate

 Plank owner certificate is a statement of service showing who was on the ship when it was commissioned. “Forged by the Sea.”


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Greetings and know ye all:

To All Sailors, Wherever Ye May Be, And To All Land Lubbers, Sea Lawyers, Square-Knot Admirals, Gun Decker’s, Swabs, Salts, And All The Other Assorted Scavengers Of The Seven Seas,

Be it known that: ___________ was An Honored Member Of The original illustrious Navy Crew Which forever distinguished itself through glorious and gallant effort when in commissioned the good ship

On this day

And Therefore, Is Entitled by the laws of the sea to all the rights and privileges of a plank owner. Be it further understood this sailor is entitled and can claim ownership of one plank of the deck of the aforementioned mentioned ship. The final accurate selection will be made in order of seniority, according to the treasury and honorable records contained in Davy Jones log.


Commanding Officer